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With the advent of digital media, we like to think that businesses don’t rely on paper and cardboard in the way they used to. In fact, however, paper products are everywhere: in packaging, in storage materials, in correspondence, in advertising and hundreds of other places. Every year, Australians use millions of tonnes of paper products. Recycling these can help preserve trees and water resources, limit greenhouse emissions, and save your business money.

Paper products and the environment

Cardboard and paper packaging is sturdy, versatile and cheap, but it can do a lot of damage to the environment. For example, it takes over two tonnes of pine to make just one tonne of newsprint paper. What’s more, paper production uses large amounts of water and decomposing paper products in landfill generate significant amounts of greenhouse gases. In 2009-10, Australian homes and businesses produced over 5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard waste, of which 1.9 million tonnes still went to landfill.

Recycling a tonne of cardboard can eliminate a tonne of greenhouse gas emissions, save water, reduce logging and cut down on landfill space usage.

Economic benefits of cardboard recycling

Recycling cardboard and other paper products doesn’t just help the environment; it also helps cut down business costs. As the cost of private landfill disposal increases, sending an easily recyclable product like cardboard to landfill is less of a viable option. Companies facing high landfill costs need to prioritise waste materials that can’t otherwise be recycled.

Other ways to support cardboard recycling

Cardboard recycling creates a wide range of post-consumer products. Recycled cardboard and paper can be turned into boxes, packing materials, paper and even cat litter. Purchasing recycled cardboard and paper products helps prevent the harmful environmental effects of paper production. Recycled cardboard can also be recycled; in fact, cardboard can go through several life cycles before finally being used up.

Although the percentage of cardboard and paper products being recycled has increased since the early 2000s, when less than half of all paper products were recycled, Australian businesses still have a long way to go. Increasing paper recycling continues to be important for both its environmental and economic benefits.

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