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With the population increasing every year the performance of commercial waste management and recycling is very important to our future. It is vital that waste managers and planners in our local area have developed appropriate systems for existing facilities and also future ones as well. The goal is to improve the efficiency of both commercial waste and recycling in our infrastructure. There are three ways to do this starting with waste avoidance, then to resource recovery thru reuse, recovery, and energy recovery and finally responsible disposal options.

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Why do you need to worry about better commercial waste and recycling? The first reason is that it is better for our environment and social outcomes. The second reason is that many consumers want to deal with companies that believe in better waste management practice. This better practice can enhance that businesses environmental reputation. Finally the last reason and the most tangible to a business is that it can reduce the cost of waste disposal. This better practice will provide a lot of benefits to the stakeholders and the entire community.

How can we design better commercial waste and recycling services? While it seems to be a simple process a lot of thought and planning should be done. The services need to be designed and operated to prevent any health and safety hazards. Regardless of the size of a commercial building, all waste management services must comply with the Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) requirements. For safety purposes there must be adequate storage for easy moving of the bins. You must maintain the area so that all garbage and recyclables fit within the commercial bins. Finally make sure that there is enough room for adequate maneuvering of vehicles in the area.

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In all commercial plans there must be equal convenience for both the tenant and also the commercial waste company. The bins must be of good quality and not damaged so that waste is not lost and people are safe. Bin storage areas should be clean and have hot and cold running water and correct drainage. There needs to be appropriate signage in the area as well. This signage will provide clear instructions on how to recycle properly and what waste goes where.

Lastly when choosing a commercial waste and recycling contractor make sure they are licensed to transfer the particular materials you will have. Ask where the waste and recycling will be taken? Collected materials should be delivered to licensed, lawful waste facilities. It is also possible the company you choose will use subcontractors and must specify what subcontractors will be used and what tasks they will perform. Finally also ask for the contractor for a testimonial and check their ratings. If you think about all the above you will have a very good commercial waste and recycling plan!

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General Waste is essentially any type of waste that cannot be recycled and is not hazardous or prescribed.

This includes food waste, mixed office waste, mixed commercial and industrial wastes and un-recyclable packaging material. We transport the waste to a certified landfill or transfer station and disposed in accordance with EPA regulations.

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