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The Importance of Waste segregation in the business world cannot be understated. Waste Segregation is the first step in a compliant waste management plan that will help the environment and save the business money. This plan encourages employees to recycle on a regular basis and to reuse matter whenever possible. It really does matter which bin you put the garbage into and also helps keep the cost of green waste disposal down for all businesses.

Segregation and recycling

For many business, the most common form of segregation is separating out recyclable waste such as paper, plastic and glass from landfill and compostable waste. The inclusion of other types of waste in recycling containers causes several problems, all stemming from the fact that contamination reduces the quality of recycled paper and plastic products. To prevent this, waste management firms need to spend longer sorting improperly segregated waste, raising manpower costs. Contaminated recycled products also sell for less, a loss that gets passed on to the customer. In fact, if recycling is too heavily contaminated, it is often sent to landfill instead of recycled. The same applies to compost, which needs to be free of contamination from other types of waste in order to be used or resold. The bottom line is that rubbish removal melbourne is dependent on proper waste segregation and recycling as the first step of the process.

Other types of waste segregation

Recycling is important, but separating hazardous and non-hazardous wastes is vital. Hazardous waste requires special handling, and hazardous waste in non-hazardous containers can cause serious problems. Since special handling tends to be more expensive, you don’t want to waste money by disposing of non-hazardous waste in hazardous waste containers.

The importance of on-site segregation

Post-collection segregation takes longer, costs more and can wind up harming the environment if it leads to recyclable waste being sent to landfill. The simplest way to solve this problem is to solve it before it starts by practising proper on-site segregation of waste. Clearly-marked containers for different kinds of waste and well-understood recycling procedures can save space, time, money and effort in recycling your business’s waste products.

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