You might think that industrial and hazardous waste is much more difficult to deal with than other types, and you would be right. However, with Premier Waste’s help you won’t have anything to worry about. We are fully equipped and qualified to deal with many types of industrial and hazardous waste.

With our industrial waste management solutions your business will functionally dispose of any and all harmful waste in the most effective way possible. We can provide you with the containers to store the waste, and can collect and treat hazardous waste in compliance with legislation.

Safe & Effective Industrial Waste Management In Melbourne

Premier Waste can safely handle and manage many types of industrial waste, and provide effective waste management across Melbourne. We can deal with asbestos, mercury, lead, sanitary waste, acids, chemicals, lab equipment, medical waste, waste oil, liquid waste, and all sorts of prescribed and hazardous waste.

There are many businesses that would benefit from having a professional industrial waste management solution in place. Hospitality and restaurant companies often need greasetrap and oil disposal. Chemical and petrol refiners need to dispose of their waste. Utility companies need sewerage and sludge removing. Automotive garages need their motor oil and paints safely collected. The list goes on.

We treat and dispose of the waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible, recycling whatever we can. EPA approved, we always handle waste how it should be handled.

If you need a highly effective industrial waste management solution that will ensure the safe and continued running of your company, contact Premier Waste today to find out more, or to arrange a no obligation appointment.

Premier Waste are EPA approved and provide expert industrial and hazardous waste solutions. 

We safely and effectively handle all of your waste, while improving and securing a waste management system that will improve the workings of your business. We do all of this while ensuring maximum risk control.

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