Collection and Disposal of Medical Waste, Sharps, Toxic & Hazardous Waste.

Premier Waste offer a highly professional medical waste collection service in Melbourne, for hospitals, surgeries, and medical establishments that need a safe and effective way to deal with their bio-hazardous waste.

Our hospital waste management contracts can give you ongoing collection and disposal of all used medical supplies. We can handle clinical waste, cytotoxic waste, anatomical waste, and sharps waste.

It is extremely important that medical institutes handle their waste with the greatest care possible. Premier Waste can make sure this happens.

How Does Medical Waste Collection Work?

We run a highly effective system for medical waste collection, in which we can provide you with the empty medical waste containers, collect them at a schedule that works for you, and transport the waste to our facility. It is then treated and incinerated, in accordance with legislation.

Premier Waste are EPA approved, and can provide you with effective medical waste management solutions that will vastly improve the handling and disposal of your bio-hazardous waste.

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Premier Waste are EPA approved and provide expert medical waste solutions. 

We safely and effectively handle all of your hospital waste, while improving and securing a waste management system that will improve the workings of your institute. We do all of this while ensuring maximum infection risk control.

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