Rubbish Removal Melbourne

At Premier Waste we provide highly effective rubbish removal services in Melbourne. Using a fleet of waste management vehicles, our experienced and courteous staff will ensure the proper collection and disposal of all of your junk.

We can set our rubbish removal schedule so that it best accommodates your needs, leaving your business clean and healthy throughout the months and years. We provide commercial junk collection services for small to large businesses.

Whether you own a small office, or a full scale construction empire, Premier Waste are here to help. Contact us today to arrange a no obligation appointment.

We offer a full range of rubbish removal services in Melbourne, including general waste collection, recycling, and dealing with specialist waste such as medical, educational, and green waste disposal. There is nothing we cannot handle, and even hazardous and liquid waste is not beyond our reach.

We can also provide you with skip bins and dumpsters, such as rearlift bins, frontlift bins, and bulk bins, which we can also manage and collect the waste from.

Whatever rubbish removal services you require in Melbourne, Premier Waste will also impress. Our punctuality, efficiency, and attention to customer service sets us apart from the rest.

Commercial Rubbish Removal Services

Dealing with waste can be difficult without professional help. Any business that generates more waste than government collection services can handle will need to call in help. Most companies have a large amount of rubbish to deal with, and this can sometimes be specialist waste or recyclable materials.

At Premier Waste we take care to ensure all of your rubbish is dealt with in an efficient and effective manner. We recycle wherever possible, ensuring we respect the environment in the way we handle your junk.

Rubbish removal contracts are available that suit your company, and are tailored to your needs. Once arranged, we will stick to the schedule that you give us, and provide high quality rubbish removal that will help your business to operate smoothly.

General Waste is essentially any type of waste that cannot be recycled and is not hazardous or prescribed.

This includes food waste, mixed office waste, mixed commercial and industrial wastes and un-recyclable packaging material. We transport the waste to a certified landfill or transfer station and disposed in accordance with EPA regulations.

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