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Safety Notice Regarding Bin Weights/Waste Types

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Dear Valued Customer Premier Waste Management strives constantly to remain the leader in the waste industry in terms of customer service, safety performance and price competitiveness. We are taking this opportunity to remind all of our customers of two important safety issues relating to waste collections, to ensure our continued compliance to Australian Standards, internal policies and our ongoing commitment to the safety of our staff, customers, the general public and the environment.


Frontlift Bins (or dumpsters) have a Safe Working Limit (SWL) of 1800kgs. Rearlift Bins (wheelie bins) have SWL’s of 60kgs for 120/240ltr (2-wheeled bins) and 250kgs for 660/1100ltr (4-wheeled bins). Any bins weighing in excess of these amounts (waste only) will not be emptied.  The driver will communicate with you at the time of his visit to explain the issue and request some waste be removed so the bin can be lifted. All of our collections vehicles are fitted with weighing scales to determine whether bins are within guidelines at the time of collection.


It is important that all customers understand what can and can’t be placed in a general waste container.  Unauthorised wastes, as listed below, are prohibited from being disposed of in general waste bins, and disposing of them in this manner may place the customer in breach of EPA regulations. Unauthorised wastes include:

  • Liquid Wastes
  • Prescribed Wastes: any waste which requires special handling as per EPA guidelines;
  • Medical/Sanitary Wastes: waste produced by a hospital, clinic, medical or related practice or waste collected from designated sanitary hygiene units;
  • Hazardous Waste: solid, liquid or gaseous wastes which (through radioactivity, toxicity, carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, teratogenicity, flammability, explosivity, chemical reactivity, corrosivity, infectiousness or other biologically damaging properties) may present danger to the life or health of living organisms when released into the environment.

Bins containing unauthorised wastes will not be emptied.  The driver will communicate with you at the time of his visit to explain the issue and our office will be in contact to ensure correct guidelines are followed in the future. We thank you in advance for assisting us in complying with these important regulations.  We attach copies of our ISO compliance certificates for Safety and Quality to provide you the certainty that safety does matters to us, and that our commitment to this is at the highest standard. As always, if you have any questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 219 001.

Premier Waste are EPA approved and provide expert construction, building and trade waste solutions. 

We safely and effectively handle all of your waste, while improving and securing a waste management system that will improve the workings of your business. We do all of this while ensuring maximum risk control.

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