School Waste Management Collection, Removal & Recycling.

Premier Waste are dedicated to providing top class waste management services across all sectors, including schools. We can collect and dispose of educational waste, while ensuring that we recycle and reuse whatever we can.

Schools generate a lot of waste. Hundreds of students study, eat, and use supplied every day. Staff rooms and offices, science labs, and special equipment needs to be disposed of regularly.

School Waste Management From Melbourne’s Best

Premier Waste are well equipped and experienced dealing with all aspects of educational waste removal. We can provide an ongoing waste management contract for schools in Melbourne who are looking for a permanent solution.

We can provide separately marked recycling containers that will help to educate your students, and encourage them to recycle. We can also provide your school with general waste bins. You arrange a schedule with us, and we collect and dispose of your educational waste at the agreed time, while replacing your bins with new ones.

Contact Premier Waste today to arrange an appointment, and give your school a professional waste management collection service that will keep it clean, tidy, and green.

Premier Waste are EPA approved and provide expert school waste solutions. 

We safely and effectively handle all of your school waste, while improving and securing a waste management system that will improve the workings of your institute.

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