General Waste

General Waste

At Premier Waste, we specialise in general waste management services to suit your needs and budget.

Our general waste services typically include food waste, mixed office waste, and mixed commercial/industrial waste that cannot be recycled and is not hazardous. This also tends to include any non-recyclable packaging material.

Specifically, we handle this waste by picking it up and transporting it to a certified landfill or transfer station. From there, you can rest assured that the waste will be disposed of in accordance with current EPA regulations. Whether you are unhappy with your current general waste management service or are simply interested in exploring your options, Premier Waste is here to help. You can request a free, no-obligation quote from us or simply get in contact with us to find out more about how we can best accommodate your waste management needs. We strive to provide all of our clients with a cost-effective solution that can grow with your business so your general waste management needs are met for many more years to come.

General Waste is essentially any type of waste that cannot be recycled and is not hazardous or prescribed.

This includes food waste, mixed office waste, mixed commercial and industrial wastes and un-recyclable packaging material. We transport the waste to a certified landfill or transfer station and disposed in accordance with EPA regulations.

We have been using Premier Waste for over 5 years now at multiple Honda sites. Their service is exemplary, they offer all services and reporting we require and, most importantly, offer us a true business partnership. We know we can rely on Premier Waste at all times, and nothing is a problem for them, any day any time. I highly recommend them.

Ken Vickery
Honda MPE

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