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Specialised Waste

With a steadfast commitment to sustainability and cleanliness, we specialise in providing tailored waste management services for both residential and commercial needs.

Rubbish Removal

We provide highly effective rubbish removal services in Melbourne. Using a fleet of waste management vehicles, our experienced and courteous staff will ensure the proper collection and disposal of all of your junk.

We can set our rubbish removal schedule so that it best accommodates your needs, leaving your business clean and healthy throughout the months and years. We provide commercial junk collection services for small to large businesses.

Any business that generates more waste than government collection services can handle will need to call in help. Most companies have a large amount of rubbish to deal with, and this can sometimes be specialist waste or recyclable materials.

Green Waste

Dealing with green waste is as easy as giving Premier Waste a call. Our professional team will collect and dispose of any hard and green waste that you have in your yard and garden, from lawn clipping and plants, to rocks and paving stones, and even tree branches and fully lopped trees.

We can provide skips and bins for delivery, collection, and disposal, or can make a one off collection to restore your yard to its former glory, and remove all of your green waste.

Commercial clients can also benefit from our services, especially those who work in the gardening trade, as tree surgeons, or as landscape gardening. We can happily tackle any size green waste disposal job.

Skip Bin Hire

We provide high quality skip bins, which we deliver to your home or business so that you can worry less about waste. When you are finished, we collect and dispose of your rubbish.

Skip bin hire is a great way to handle your commercial waste, or deal with a one off project that will generate a lot of rubbish. We offer a variety of sizes and types of skip bin to match your needs. Short term and long term skip bin rent is available.

It is a highly effective way to manage your waste, and dispose of large amounts of rubbish easily. Whether you are in the construction trade, have a manufacturing business, or need a skip for disposing of scrap metal, Premier Waste can deliver one right to your location.

Construction Waste

As anyone who works in the trade will know, construction tends to generate a lot of waste. Some of it is heavy stuff, and it can be a whole new story trying to get rid of it. That is where the professionals step in to help.

Whether you need a small amount of waste moved after a conversion, or you need a huge demolition site cleared, Premier Waste can always deal with it.

With our modern fleet of vehicles, highly experienced staff, and dedication to client satisfaction, Premier provide one of the best construction waste removal services in Melbourne.

School Waste

We’re dedicated to providing top class waste management services across all sectors, including schools. We can collect and dispose of educational waste, while ensuring that we recycle and reuse whatever we can.

Schools generate a lot of waste. Hundreds of students study, eat, and use supplied every day. Staff rooms and offices, science labs, and special equipment needs to be disposed of regularly.

We can provide separately marked recycling containers that will help to educate your students, and encourage them to recycle. We can also provide your school with general waste bins. You arrange a schedule with us, and we collect and dispose of your educational waste at the agreed time, while replacing your bins with new ones.

Industrial Waste

You might think that industrial and hazardous waste is much more difficult to deal with than other types, and you would be right. However, with Premier Waste’s help you won’t have anything to worry about.

We are fully equipped and qualified to deal with many types of industrial and hazardous waste, including asbestos, mercury, lead, sanitary waste, acids, chemicals, lab equipment, medical waste, waste oil, liquid waste, and all sorts of prescribed and hazardous waste.

With our industrial waste management solutions your business will functionally dispose of any and all harmful waste in the most effective way possible. We can provide you with the containers to store the waste, and can collect and treat hazardous waste in compliance with legislation.

Garbage Removal

Garbage removal is high on the agenda for a well functioning business. Trash must be dealt with effectively for a company to continue its services. At Premier Waste, we provide professional garbage collection and disposal that will ensure your business always stays clean and well maintained.

We provide a full range of garbage removal services for all sizes of business; from the very small shop, to the large institute or multi-site company. We offer general waste collection, recycling services, and can deal with specialised waste such as hazardous materials, security documents, and even liquid waste.

There is no garbage removal that we cannot handle, and we have a large fleet of fully equipped vehicles to help.

Dumpster Hire

Dumpsters are used widely as an effective means of disposing of waste. Premier Waste have a number of sizes and types of dumpster available for hire. We deliver the containers to a location that is convenient for you, and can collect them and dispose of your waste when they are full.

We can provide a single small dumpster for a one off project, or an ongoing rental of multiple containers for a large construction business. Our dumpster hire can work for any size of company. It all depends on how much waste you will generate, and what materials you will be dumping.

Our dumpsters are of the highest calibre, and will never let you down. You can talk to us about the size and the purpose that your container for, and we will help you to find the right dumpster hire solution for you.

Medical Waste

Our hospital waste management contracts can give you ongoing collection and disposal of all used medical supplies. We can handle clinical waste, cytotoxic waste, anatomical waste, and sharps waste. It is extremely important that medical institutes handle their waste with the greatest care possible. 

We run a highly effective system for medical waste collection, in which we can provide you with the empty medical waste containers, collect them at a schedule that works for you, and transport the waste to our facility. It is then treated and incinerated, in accordance with legislation.

Premier Waste are EPA approved, and can provide you with effective medical waste management solutions that will vastly improve the handling and disposal of your bio-hazardous waste.

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